Inevitable Goals ❤️

Some feel stagnant and left behind with their lives as if there was no hope. Past mistakes, turned down opportunities or sometimes no chance at all were the things they regret most. We often envy the life of others, questioning our worth and capabilities. Truth is, we all have different stories and purposes to fulfill, sometimes we forget to focus on those, we keep noticing the success of others which making us feel pathetic. To those people feeling left behind:There might be delays to achieve our goals but it doesn’t mean it’s too late to pursue them. We don’t have to hide, feel envious or be frustrated in god’s perfect timing it will happen! It just takes time, hardwork and patience.


Stargirl ❤️

“An old soul living in a modern world”
I honestly felt I’m a 1960’s girl in this outfit, Ha! 
Hat: Landmark 

Top/Dress: SAGA

Bag: Givenchy

Wedges: Tommy Hilfiger

Skirt: LightInTheBox

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Thank you so much LightInTheBox for this beautiful skirt just in time for the holidays ❤️ 

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