The XX ❤️

Today is just a perfect day to listen to ‘The XX’ where I’m at ease despite my mood swings.

As you all might not know I like music that has good rhythm, beats, and melody, I never really care with the lyrics actually. I’m fond of indie rather than the mainstream artists. Most of the people I know, their type of music are the one’s they can relate into like rap, pop, rock, OPM, love songs and such, they’re quite specific with the meaning of a song also with the artists. Which I’m totally the opposite I had a rather unusual classification of music.

That is why I’m fond of ‘The XX’ which most people don’t know about. Their genre is pretty much like a radio friendly minimalist music with upbeat sounds. All their songs can hit you right in the feels not only because of the lyrics but also the moody beat. It’s like the music you can listen to whether on rainy days or while on road trips. The first two albums of The XX are cohesive with each other like a long continuous of minimal sound but the third one gives the right new turn for the band as it has so much elements going on and very pop-py music.

Speaking of, anyone here has ever listen to their new album “I See You” ? It was released early this year January 2017 The album gave me an inspiration to somehow be hopeful, it had cheered me up since then. I’d never forget the times I was crying like a baby in the middle of the night while listening to the whole album, it’s just soooooo good!

I had been a fan since 2011, I’ve loved all their songs it was my jam on those days where I used to party. I was totally moved with their first self titled album “XX” then came “Co-exist”, I could literally die in bed listening. I’ve so much favorite music artists but I have to be honest ‘The XX’ will top everything, I don’t think I dislike any of their songs..

Credits to the owner

The XX (Credits to the owner)

I was asked before, who are these people and the immediate answer I could tell them is they’re British indie pop band which later  I’ve realized… The XX is underrated (but in a good way) and that I have no specific explanation on how I will describe them to people who have never heard of The XX. Simply because you have no proper description on certain things because there were no words to describe them but greatness..

When I first listened to one of their songs which is “Intro” it has no lyrics just plain beats, nothing really special. It never really got me until I listened to it twice, and that was one of those lightning moment where it hit me like ‘fuck, where have I been in my life?’ Fast forward to now, I still absolutely love them! They’ve made a huge impact in my life which no one could ever understand how. As I’ve said, no words can define how great they are!

Back in 2012 I’ve missed their concert in Manila, I felt horrible the time they came that I never knew, also I was a struggling student back then. Now, they’re coming next year February 2018 I wouldn’t want to let it slip away, not this time! I’ve bought a ticket as early as last month, a birthday gift to myself.

I’m super excited for next year, I wish its 2018 already, lol

What I’m looking forward to the concert is just to enjoy each moment, feel the beat, and really sing my hearts out. Watching them live would totally be the best thing will ever happen in my life. I’ve seen few concerts but The XX will definitely change the game. Ugh!, I’m honestly excited!

The XX 

LIVE in Manila 

February 7, 2018

At World Trade Center 


Anyone who’s watching too? See you there!

Here are my favorite. The XX songs..

Intro, VCR, Crystalised, Islands, Heart Skipped a Beat, Fantasy, Basic Space, Infinity, Stars, Angels, Chained, Fiction, Reunion, Sunset, Missing, Swept Away, Seasons Run, Naive, Replica, On Hold, Performance, I Dare You, A Violent Noise, Brave For You, Performance, Test Me, Dangerous, Say Something Loving, and Blood Red Moon (Demo)




Independence ❤️

October 28, 2017

(Forgive me, this is just a random blog)

Just checking if this page works or if anyone still visits. For a while I almost forgot I have this blog. A lot of things happened ever since this year started and I’m just surviving every now and then. I guess the only lesson I can pick up from the things I’ve gone and still going through is to carry on with life nevertheless.

I had been wanting to make a blog for a while but couldn’t find time to create one mainly because I didn’t know what topic to talk about. Although there were few changes happening in my life as of the moment, still don’t know where to start I guess I just needed a heads up. Which today reminded me the last weekend of October, and oh boy time flew so fast! Who would’ve thought we’re almost near the end of the year? I’m still questioning hmm, what the hell happened in the last 10 months? We got almost 2 months to prove that 2017 isn’t a bad year, I mean shit happens but this year is totally an eye opener for me, and I’d rather want to spend my days happily.

Next couple of days I’ll be turning a year older which I’m slowly trying to accept even it hurt my gut haha, it stress me knowing I’m getting older but I know couple of my friends hated aging too I mean we want to stay youthful lol Usually I complain how much I dislike birthdays because the number keeps adding up each year but now I feel less worried; I’m embracing what I currently have in life and its honestly better than to have nothing.
My last resort for bursting out is writing which I’ll be pretty honest I’m not really good at, yet I find typing these emotions away quite comforting. I’m a very sentimental person I like to keep my thoughts for myself but sometimes I’d write rather than telling it physically to someone. Which is also doesn’t make any sense because I’m sharing this pretty much with everyone in the cyber world. The joke was on me, Ha!

My yearly routine is to compare myself from my previous birthdays such as what were the changes, I find it fascinating how much I’ve evolved into a totally different person each year, I mean don’t get me wrong I did change but not drastically to the point I’m not who I was before, but let me put it in a simplest way… I felt a major upgrade for the betterment of myself physically, emotionally and mentally. I’m truly grateful for everything I’ve experienced good or bad as those are lessons in becoming a better human being. Each year we learn few things that made us strong. We discover ourselves in the challenges we face every day. We change and become truly different because it what makes life interesting, we accept all these transformations because we choose to escape from our comfort zones.

Which what I did literally…

I decided to move out of our house and become independent. It wasn’t easy at first because of the adjustments, all throughout my life I’ve lived in the same house dependent to my family but this time I wanted to start on my own. I think I’m old enough to support myself yet I still have duties with my family. I’m not bragging like hey look at me I have my freedom and I don’t need anyone, it’s definitely not like that! Doesn’t mean you’re living on your own makes life a lot easier.

I guess with all the drama happened to me for the past months I’ve stood up to face another day instead of basking with my own problems. I had to be honest that I’m not used with being alone. I mean, I really do enjoy my own company most of the time but loneliness is a different story. There were times I felt lonely like I have no one to cling on yet at the end of the day all I really need is myself being healthy, positive and hopeful. It gets rough most of the time but I feel happy, somehow contented with the decisions I had been making. Like God, I’ve gone through so much I need a tap on the shoulder telling me I’ve made it this far.

If I hadn’t had this kind of changes I wouldn’t grow to what I am now. The most important thing that I really want to shout to the world is how proud I am to myself, I really do. I want to take all the credits for myself this time because I’ve gone through so much like you had no idea. I almost died physically and mentally, but there was this one day I woke up and realized I deserve a better life. And that all I really needed, is to discover more about myself. I had been very critical with my decision making, personality, behavior, and how I react on certain things. I’m still sorting myself pieces by pieces and I’ll get there eventually. Anyway life is about improving one step at a time.

The lesson I could share with all these experiences which I hope would lighten up anyone’s life is to find, cherish, and love yourself above all, its the most important thing! Your own happiness depends on you, it’s just a matter of how you will create it. Prioritize yourself and make your life worth living. We may be trapped in certain situations that seemed to has no escape but it doesn’t mean we can’t start a life in a new perspective. We are so fixated within our comfort zone that sometimes it gets suffocating, we yearn to go out but just couldn’t find the right reason yet in the end only ‘us’ can decide. Change is a big deal but we mustn’t be afraid to adjust with whatever life has to offer as it’s for the betterment.

I hope this impromptu blog will reach out to people who are in the same page or someone who can relate? I know I’m not the only one who’s totally going through with a lot of things in their lives but still trying to be positive in any way possible. Cheers!

Prior to my independence…
When I was born my mother didn’t let me or my younger sister to have our ears pierced but my sister had hers when she reached High School but I never did. I told myself, I’ve lived my whole life without wearing any earrings at all so If I really wanted to get one there must be a good reason and so I decided I will only have my ears pierced when I’m already self-reliant. Long story short after 24years I finally did it (early this month) and I’ve never been this happy. This is my way of coming out of my shadows and face the world head up high independently.





Out and About ❤️


Im back! Well, I guess for now. 🙂 Expect for more blogpost soon, whatever will come up I’ll just go with the flow. Here’s some recent photos of Me from Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Taguig. If you’ve seen my blogpost from 2015 I was one of the few people who visited when it was opened to the public. Nothing much has changed since the last time I was here only few restaurants and shops were open, gondola is available but didn’t bother to queue up nevertheless it’s still beautiful. I honestly like the ambience despite that its over crowd also I’m fond of the architecture so much!




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